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Gum Turpentine Oil 80% (Turpentine Oil)

Gum Turpentine Oil 80% (Turpentine Oil) in Tradeasia



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Gum Turpentine Oil 80%


20 MT Iso Tank 20 Feet

Brief Overview

Turpentine oil with molecular formula C10H16 is a transparent colorless thin volatile liquid that has a characteristic odor. It is also known as spirits of turpentine and oil of turpentine. It is the main constituent of the pine tree obtained by the distillation of resins of a living pine tree. The important Pines used for the production of turpentine oil are Longleaf pine and Maritime pine.  

Manufacturing Process

Turpentine oil is produced from Pine Tree. The resins are collected, and then it is sent to a factory where it is melted. Further distillation and condensation yield turpentine oil.

Pine Tree -> Sap Collection -> Fresh resins -> Steam boiler to melt resins -> Distillation of resin -> Condensation of volatile compounds -> Turpentine Oil


It is used as a solvent for phosphorus, wax, rubber, sulfur, etc. Meanwhile, Turpentine Oil is used as a solvent in oil paints as it maintains the oiliness of the color.  

Cleaning Agent

The antiseptic properties in turpentine make it a very good cleaning product to use to get rid of bacteria and germs on many different surfaces.  

Pharmaceutical Industry

Turpentine oil is applied to the skin to reduce joint pain, muscle pain, nerve pain, and toothaches.  

Other Applications

They are also used in, perfumery products, shoe polish, pressure-sensitive tapes.

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